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The Story of Myself

Hi everyone!

I am extremely excited and admittedly a little bit nervous to let you all in on a little secret of mine.  Last June I closed Studio Maya to focus on my own personal artistic endeavors.  I guess you could say that I kind of retired as a designer, except that I knew, even as I was closing my doors that I would be back but, in some way changed or different.  I guess you could say that I cocooned for a while and I am now ready to emerge again as a brand new me!

My reasons for doing this were simple. I felt stressed out of my mind, and deeply fatigued.  I knew that I had lost my way because my passion for art and design had been put on the back burner for far too long.  I had been focusing too much of my attention on the needs of others and on running Scrapbookgraphics from a business perspective.  I forgot to fill my own cup!  I knew I needed to get back on track and put my art first!

So for the past 6 months I have been on a bit of a spiritual art retreat of sorts. I’ve been  held up in my own home studio and I have spent most of the hours of every day creating my own Collage Art Journal and Artful Planner.  It has been an amazing and powerful experience for that has brought about so much joy and creativity for me, that my cup is now spilling over and I am ready to share!

So with much joy and maybe a little trepidation (eeeek!) I would like to introduce you my newest project “The Story of Myself” and invite you to…..



1479838329The Story of Myself, as I have prepared it for my own use, is a combination of an art journal and an artfully designed life planner.  This undertaking is part of a conscious effort to understand myself, my purpose and my desires and dreams on a deeper level.  It is a practice that has helped me to put myself in my rightful place, as the author or  creator of my own story.  I believe with my whole heart that this is a practice that we can all benefit from.

Are you ready to be the writer of your own story, living your life with accountability, intention and purpose?  I know I am ready to make the year ahead the best one yet.  So let’s do this shall we?


For this project there are 3 paths that you can choose from:

  1. The Art Journaling Path (A bundle for Art Journalers)
  2. The Artful Planner Path (A bundle for Artful Planners)
  3. The Art Journal/Artful Planner Bundle (This is the Whole Shebang bundle with everything in it!)

1.  The Art Journaling Path


If you choose to take the Story of Myself Art Journal Path you will receive The Story of Myself – A collage Art Inspiration Guide which is a 44 page digital book that reveals insight into my own creative process and highlights 12 of my own personal collage art pieces as well as extensive journaling for each collage art journal page.  I put my whole heart and soul into this book and my deepest wish is that you will be inspired by my work, to create your own!


But that’s not all!  It gets even better!  I have also included the 12 main collages highlighted in the book, deconstructed into collage kits filled with fun images and quirky art dolls for you to use in your own art journaling or collage.


There’s More!! I have also deconstructed the book itself and am providing you with 24 of the art journal backgrounds that I am using in the book for you to use to kick start your own art journal pages.


These “deconstruction” products have a built in bonus for those who are short on time or feel more successful being creative when there is not a lot of deep thinking artistry involved.  You literally cannot make a wrong choice when creating your own art.  Each item in a kit has been carefully chosen and crafted to support each other and you can feel assured knowing that you can take the guessing (and fear) out of art journaling.  These kits give you permission to just play!

This is a fabulous “starter pack” collection of collage art journaling goodies for a newbie, and wonderful addition to  any experienced art journaler’s stash!

And it gets even better!!!!!!  You will also receive …

“The Story of Myself Workbook -Being the Author of of Your Own Story One Year at a Time!”  This is a 14 page Workbook that is jam packed with prompts, exercises and soul searching questions  This book is intended to help you learn from and let go of 2016 and help you to create 2017 with intention and purpose.  The workbook is designed to help you come to a deeper understanding of yourself and the life you want to create  in 2017, as well as inspire you to create many new art journal pages or creative planner inserts.

PLUS You will also receive free membership into The Story of Myself Facebook Group.

(Please note: After you request to join you will be asked for your invoice #) Everything you need to work on your own is already included in the package, but if you are looking to connect, I have made this group available for private and safe place to discuss and share with others on the same path.  I would love to see you become a part of the Story of Myself Community.

Of course, you are also welcome to join our Artful Planner Club Group, if you are not already a part of this.  This is a private group but everyone is welcome.

2.  The Story of Myself – Artful Planner Path

If you decide to choose the Artful Planner Bundle you will receive The Story of Myself Workbook as was mentioned above and included in the first bundle as well as membership in the Story of Myself Facebook Group. 

Plus there is a ton more stuff to get you started creating your own artful planner. Do you know how easy it is going to be to get your planner set up week after week when you have this excellent starter pack to get you going?  There is just enough done to get you started in your artful planner creation, but lots of room to add your own special creative touch!

Check it out!  There are over 60 Artful Planner Weekly Spreads for you to pick and choose from.  here are at least 5 spreads in each of the 12 packages included.  In some cases I have included extra colour options as well, for bonus content.  These layouts have been created to coordinate with the 12 Story of Myself Collage Deconstruction kits which are a part of the Story of Myself Art Journal Bundle.  These spreads are created on 11″ x 8 1/2″.jpgs and are intended for an A5 Planner or Half-Size Binder. The page is to be cut in half to display a week across two pages of your planner.  However, you can also turn the page and insert it in a full size binder as well.  The days of the week are provided, but not specific dates, so you can use these weeklys for any year! You can get a better look at these in the detailed images of the product description.

Yes, there IS More! –   12 – Calendar Dashboards for 2017 – These decorative dashboards are intended to be printed on heavier paper or cardstock  and then folded in half. Laminating is an optional great idea.  Punch your holes in the open side of the folded paper and insert into your planner.  There is one for each month of the year.  The calendar is on the right side and you can print as is or decorate further.  Dashboards are a great way to divide the months as well as a  place to stick post it notes!

PLUS – I have also included 12 – 6 x 6″  calendar squares. There is one for each month of 2017

I know that some of you will take the path of art journaling alone, and others may go the planner route instead. I will continue to use both my art journal and my planner together as I feel that the two connect in such a powerful way and in using both I have a better picture of how my story unfolds, and what I need to do to make my dreams come true to live a richer and more empowered life.  Whether you choose one or the other or use both art journaling and planning as I do, it’s all up to you.  Anything goes!

This  leads us to the 3rd path…

3. The Story of Myself Art Journal & Creative Planner Bundle
aka The Whole Shebang!

This bundle combines absolutely everything I have shown you so far and the best part is that I have added even further discounts if you buy it all.

This deal is absolutely amazing!!





I have also included this “Sassy” Collage Deconsctruction Kit as BONUS CONTENT, which is exclusive to this bundle only!!


When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen”… or art supplies. 🙂  Give yourself a gift this year and join the Story of Myself journey.  You are worth it!   Fill your story with beauty, love, creativity, adventure and happiness.  Live the story that you design for yourself. 2017 awaits!

I have a brand new blog (which is still under construction) for this project which you can find at where I will be blogging The Story of Myself journey.  I hope to share my stories, tips and tricks to inspire and amuse you. Also, as I create more Story of Myself goodies form own use, I will be sharing them at  for others to enjoy as well! I hope you will follow me!

You can also find me on Instagram  under the username: _JaniceDye
or on Pinterest under the username JaniceDye 
My personal blog can be found at SimplyBeing.Me

Thank you!




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