My blog posts are filed into three main categories:

  • Journaling   – most blog entries will fit in here
  • My Artwork – my portfolio of art will be filed here
  • My Digital Designs – entries that are promoting or showcasing my products will be placed here

Tag Groups I am using to further organize this blog:

  • Creative Process – Anything related to my creative process or workspace
  • Desires – Things I want or believe I need
  • Explorascope – Posts highlighting my current top 3 favorite Periscope Broadcasters using hashtag #explorascope
  • Explorations – Questions I ask myself that I do not yet have the answer to Fears – What I am afraid of and why
  • Family – anything related to my family members
  • Giving – How I have served others today
  • Goals – Things I want to accomplish, tasks I set for myself.
  • Gratitude – things I am thankful for
  • Happenings – events, activities and milestones are accounted for in these posts
  • Health – body, mind or spiritual health issues I am working through or dealing with
  • Insights – Ideals, realizations, contemplations
  • Inspiration – Things I find particularly inspiring or thoughts, ideas, images I wish to inspire others with
  • Learned – Life lessons and things I have learned
  • Moments –  Life’s special moments
  • Periscope – Follow My Periscope Life Streaming Broadcasts
  • Portfolio – Personal artwork shared
  • Psyche – my mindset at this point in time – snapshot of my beliefs
  • Q&A –  Responses to submitted questions
  • Quotes – quotes or thoughts that I discover and want to share or contemplate
  • Reactions – Freaking out about something that I am not sure I understand or wish was different
  • Reviews – Products or projects I am reviewing
  • Scrapbookgraphics – posts specific to Scrapbookgraphics’ events and activities
  • Studio Maya – My products, new releases and design business