Artful Planner Teacup Weekly Spread

This week I was very inspired in creating my spread for  my Artful Planner.  Lor of  Studio Rosey Posey gave me early bird access to her fabulous new collection of unique and adorable weekly planner layouts and boy oh boy did I run with it! I spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon playing with the stacked […]

Define Yourself

You can find all of the elements used in this piece (except for the face, body shape and quote) in the Define Yourself Collection at Who am I?  What am I?  This is the age old question to which the answers are revealed through out life.  It is an unfolding process. Are we defined […]

Digital Scrapbooking Q & A – The Studio Girls @ Scrapbookgraphics

  How did you come up with the Studio Girls brand? Prior to 2006 Scrapbookgraphics hosted only my own designs and up until that point the brand was entirely associated with the designer name Maya. In 2006 I hand picked 9 other designers to join me at Scrapbookgraphics, each with her own unique style, and […]

Digital Scrapbooking – Common Characteristics of Successful Designers ( Q & A)

What characteristics are common in successful designers have in your opinion? I think the one thing that most successful designers share is a genuine passion for the craft. I’ve seen people pursue a career as a digital scrapbooking designer with the idea that it would be a nice little business that might allow them to […]

Digital Scrapbooking – The Early Days (Q&A)

Since I have been around since the beginning of digital scrapbooking, I sometimes get questions about the history or my personal experience through the evolution of this industry.   I am by no means claim to be any expert on the subject, but I been witness to all of the change and growth over the years, […]

10 Years as a Digital Scrapbooking Designer and Shop Owner!

Artists, Scrappers, Art Journalers – We Need Your Help

This is the project I mentioned we were about to do to support my cousin’s 16 year old son Derek while he is going through such a difficult and traumatic time in his life.    If you haven’t already read my blog post about his story you can find it here.   Derek is the son […]

Style Differences

A common discussion and often debate in the scrapbooking community is what constitutes “real scrapbooking”. This has been going on for as long as I have been a part of this when paper and glue scrapbookers argued that those of us creating layouts using our computer were not real scrapbookers. I’m not sure I understand […]

Connect with us @ Scrapbookgraphics

Years ago when I was first exposed to Facebook I decided that the format would be an excellent way for Scrapbookers to meet, mingle and chat.  As Facebook became more mainstream and most of the major players of the scrapbooking industry had accounts and fan pages the idea of replicating this format for a Scrapbooking […]