Gone Within

It is inevitable.  No matter how hard I try to be consistent with my outward expression there always comes a time for me where I find myself turning inward.  I am aware of the world around me and if engaged I will respond but for the most part I am quiet and withdrawn.  I am […]

Many Thanks – Spirits Up

I’ve contacted and thanked every contributor privately, but I  just wanted to publicly express my appreciation for the wonderful support we received for our Spirits Up project.   I have had the good fortune of meeting some decent, beautiful, kind people through this experience, which has actually been uplifting for me as well.   I […]

Cheer Up!

I have been in a slump the last couple of weeks which is why I have not posted much.  I’m not sad or  depressed but I am feeling lethargic and …well…blah. I think it is probably related to the long, drawn out winter we are  having this year.  I am for certain a person who […]

One Day at a Time

I am kind of foggy headed and bogged down the past few days. Feeling a definitely shift of mood. Last week I was obsessively working on a paper and paint creative project and at for most of my waking hours for days. I have not felt like doing another piece since then, probably because I […]

heArtfelt Words Vol. 1 – Self Discovery

heArtfelt Words are quirky styled word art created to inspire heartfelt and thoughtful art journal pages. There are six unique word art pieces in this package and I provided both .png files as well as an .abr Photoshop brush file for your convenience.  

Word Nerd Vol. 9 – Sheetload 1

So today is new product upload day for me and I have 4 new products loaded in the store. I created these Word Nerd Sheetload packages a week or two ago now.  Since I have been dabbling more in paper media projects I have been trying to train myself to consider how my products may […]

Is This Normal?

So at about 10 pm last night I decided to see if I couldn’t get another art journal page done, or at least started.  I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it but I wanted to take a crack at using a new product I created yesterday for my shop.   That involved printing […]


“Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s when you’ve had everything to do, and you’ve done it.” Margaret Thatcher Today is one of those days where I can push myself away from my desk and feel as though I have […]

Work & Play

I have to admit that I have my work and my play rather mixed up together, which is a real blessing in life.  However, because I love what I do so much I have a tendency to over-do it. Yesterday afternoon.  Mr. Mick jinxed me.  He came in to my office putting a hot cup […]

Hello 2013

There is not much in the way of New Year’s festivities going on around our house.   I have been sick the past few days and while I get up and shower every morning, I have pretty much been living in pajamas.  However, truth be known, I am always happiest in flannel. 🙂 We did have […]