When Plans Fall Apart

I have a little confession.  I am not really big on planning things. Well, I do plan to some degree, but very loosely.  I also use a planner, and it is very helpful to me, but I will explain how I use it in another post later this week.  Today I want to talk about […]

Word Nerd Vol. 9 – Sheetload 1

So today is new product upload day for me and I have 4 new products loaded in the store. I created these Word Nerd Sheetload packages a week or two ago now.  Since I have been dabbling more in paper media projects I have been trying to train myself to consider how my products may […]

Creative Chaos

I thought it might be interesting to document the creative process involved with one of my art journal pages.  I suspect that this will change dramatically as I build up my supplies and develop new skills. 1.  A few weeks back I created some texture brushes for photoshop by laying down a whole bunch of […]

Is This Normal?

So at about 10 pm last night I decided to see if I couldn’t get another art journal page done, or at least started.  I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it but I wanted to take a crack at using a new product I created yesterday for my shop.   That involved printing […]

Dream Hopping

I started a new art journal page very late last night and the first time I looked at the clock because I noticed I was tired, it was 3:00 am.  This is not entirely uncommon for me, but much more so in my younger days.  I have always felt more creative in the wee hours […]

Mixed Media Art Journal

Thanks to much encouragement from those of you out there that commented on my post about commitment issues, I have taken the plunge and glued stuff down on my first authentic, hand crafted (not digital), art journal page.   I know there was another first one but I don’t count that since it took me […]

Lips & Eyes – Collage Clips & Inkstamps

A nice little collection of quirky lips and eyes for collage lovers, art journal enthusiasts and art doll creators. There are 12 sets of eyes and 12 luscious lips which I have provided as collage clip .pngs, and as inkstamp .pngs and inkstamp photoshop brushes. *Bonus Printable version included: For those that love to print, […]

Commitment Issues?

So after painting all sorts of backgrounds for my digital art journal projects, I thought perhaps I may take a stab at creating tangible pages with the backgrounds I had already painted.  It seemed like the thing to do to make them useful after scanning.  However, beyond the haphazard approach I took to my first […]

Collage Clips: Highfalutin

I collect vintage ephemera and found objects and I have bins filled with them here in my studio. Collage clips are packages of random bits and pieces of old paper, magazines and photographs that I feel are especially inspirational or are visually appealing. Highfalutin is a collection of random, quirky little tidbits that you will […]

Paint D.A.B.s (Digital Art Backgrounds) Vol. 1

So I got really busy and things go very messy around my studio this week.  The end result was a new pack of mixed media painterly backgrounds which I have scanned before using to create my own completed art journal pages. Paint D.A.B.s are Digital Art Backgrounds which have been scanned from my own hand […]