When Plans Fall Apart

I have a little confession.  I am not really big on planning things. Well, I do plan to some degree, but very loosely.  I also use a planner, and it is very helpful to me, but I will explain how I use it in another post later this week.  Today I want to talk about […]

50 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

50 Simple Things to Be Happy About Finding the recipe for my Grandma’s Coconut Cream Pie online. Staying awake into the wee hours and sleeping in late on occasion. A comfortable pair of nicely fitted jeans. An unexpected treasure found at a garage sale or thrift store. Curling up by the fire when it is […]

Many Thanks – Spirits Up

I’ve contacted and thanked every contributor privately, but I  just wanted to publicly express my appreciation for the wonderful support we received for our Spirits Up project.   I have had the good fortune of meeting some decent, beautiful, kind people through this experience, which has actually been uplifting for me as well.   I […]

Cheer Up!

I have been in a slump the last couple of weeks which is why I have not posted much.  I’m not sad or  depressed but I am feeling lethargic and …well…blah. I think it is probably related to the long, drawn out winter we are  having this year.  I am for certain a person who […]


When I first managed to get myself on the internet, back in ’95-’96, the first thing I did was to search for like minded people.  I had interests in spirituality and what was referred to as “new age” philosophies at that time.   I had read so many books and yet found myself without people to […]

Altered Book – Friendship

I created my first ever altered book a couple of weeks ago.   It was a surprise gift for my friend Lor which she received yesterday so I can upload the video now of a flip through of the book.    I used a blank board book for this project but I think this would be much […]

One Day at a Time

I am kind of foggy headed and bogged down the past few days. Feeling a definitely shift of mood. Last week I was obsessively working on a paper and paint creative project and at for most of my waking hours for days. I have not felt like doing another piece since then, probably because I […]

Is This Normal?

So at about 10 pm last night I decided to see if I couldn’t get another art journal page done, or at least started.  I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it but I wanted to take a crack at using a new product I created yesterday for my shop.   That involved printing […]

Dream Hopping

I started a new art journal page very late last night and the first time I looked at the clock because I noticed I was tired, it was 3:00 am.  This is not entirely uncommon for me, but much more so in my younger days.  I have always felt more creative in the wee hours […]

Get out of My Own Way

I am self-taught in Photoshop and when I first  started using it 12  years ago, absolutely everything I did was a process of trial and error.   That period may seem a bit frustrating for many Photoshop newbies but for me it was the perfect way to learn and I actually enjoyed the error part because […]