I lied.

I said I would be ready for 2014 today but I lied.  Apparently the weather has some impact over me when it comes to moving on with the new.    Today was the day that my son was meant to be back in school and my husband back to work, and I would be ready to […]

Saying Goodbye to A Dear Friend

  I always wanted a dog when I was a child but my parents refused.  They didn’t want the mess (dog hair, accidents etc)  or the responsibility.   Truth is that my dad would probably have loved a pet but my mother slammed the hammer down on this one.  My mom never had a pet of […]


We were home late Friday night from our two week vacation in Mexico, but we pretty much dropped our luggage in the door, caught up on some email and then readied ourselves for Mick’s first marathon race on Sunday morning. Saturday completely disappeared on me. I sat down at my computer at 8 a.m. and […]

Vacation Time

I thought I needed a vacation before last week and now I know I need a vacation.  After spending over a week researching ( I swear I did this full time-every day).  I have finally come up with a vacation plan that is booked and we are ready to go!  All of that research was […]

10 Years as a Digital Scrapbooking Designer and Shop Owner!


I  actually dug out the lawn furniture last week and made the decision once and for all that I am done with winter!  I know that is very bold of me, especially given that I live in Canada where Mother Nature loves to laugh at us with regard to the end of winter.  While I […]

Cheer Up!

I have been in a slump the last couple of weeks which is why I have not posted much.  I’m not sad or  depressed but I am feeling lethargic and …well…blah. I think it is probably related to the long, drawn out winter we are  having this year.  I am for certain a person who […]

All the Pieces of the Puzzle

It is time for me to wrap up the collection I have been working on all week. It was so much fun to work on and I love how it turned out. I am not sure that I am entirely done with it yet but the way this project exploded through me is a bit […]

New Epson R2000 makes it home!

Can you hear the angles sing?  I can.  I’ve been waiting for this puppy since before Christmas when I dropped many clues, and links to the actual product, for my dear husband to buy me a gift.  He kept asking me if I really needed such a beast of a machine and the answer was […]