Christmas Decorating at Our House

Ho Ho Ho it is that time of year again and we were busy decorating our home yesterday.  We decided to do a little time lapse video because, well it is just good old fashioned silly fun, and because we wanted to invite you into our home for a little peek during this festive season. […]

Grade 8 Graduation

It is hard to believe but Kai is now a grade 8 graduate and on his way to high school in the fall.  While it seems like only yesterday that he was a chubby little toddler, we cannot deny that he has grown into a fine young man and a handsome one at that.   I […]

Knit 1 Pearl 2

Just before Christmas I went on a real bender.  I didn’t overindulge in eggnog, cakes and cookies (at least not too much) but instead decided instead to obsessively knit, much to the surprise of my own family members, who apparently had no idea that I had the skills.    Of course, why would they know?  It […]

Life is What Happens

I think that on a good day maybe three people read my blog, and that has been pretty much fine by me as my primary reason for blogging is more about my personal expression and has much less to do with who will be reading it. I do make it public because I am comfortable […]

Out of Sorts

While I had been doing pretty well with posting regularly this year, I didn’t post a thing last week and I’m not in the right frame of mind for it today either.  I am not great with routine. I am much more of a free spirit and tend to allow myself to go wherever the […]

Awaken to Joy

It has been a difficult week for me.  I’ve noticed the blues starting to creep in on me and one of my kids is going through a really upsetting time as well.  I’m doing my best not to let depression overcome me, in the way it often does at this time of the year.  I […]

Snow Can Be a Real Heavy!

It has been a couple of months since our dog Roxy died.  It has been harder to say goodbye than any of us thought it would be.  However, it has been hardest on our 12 year old son, Kai.  He seemed to be doing ok, but last night I entered his room after he had […]

I lied.

I said I would be ready for 2014 today but I lied.  Apparently the weather has some impact over me when it comes to moving on with the new.    Today was the day that my son was meant to be back in school and my husband back to work, and I would be ready to […]

Saying Goodbye to A Dear Friend

  I always wanted a dog when I was a child but my parents refused.  They didn’t want the mess (dog hair, accidents etc)  or the responsibility.   Truth is that my dad would probably have loved a pet but my mother slammed the hammer down on this one.  My mom never had a pet of […]

The Desert Biome Project – Helping with Homework

Wednesday night Kai comes home and reports that he has a project due on Friday and it is a doozy.  He is supposed to create a “hot desert” diorama along with an informational pamphlet about the biome he chose to study. biome ˈbʌɪəʊm/ noun Ecology noun: biome; plural noun: biomes 1. a large naturally occurring community […]