Create Your Own Digital Ink Stamp Brush in Photoshop

I thought it would be fun to share a simple little technique that I use when I want to create an Ink Stamp effect in a digital way.    I thought it would be a really cute idea if I were  to create my own planner sticker pack from selfies I had taken in various expressions […]

Artful Planner Teacup Weekly Spread

This week I was very inspired in creating my spread for  my Artful Planner.  Lor of  Studio Rosey Posey gave me early bird access to her fabulous new collection of unique and adorable weekly planner layouts and boy oh boy did I run with it! I spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon playing with the stacked […]

Why Use a Planner if I Don’t Plan?

Until recently, I have never been much of a planner.  Whenever I wanted to accomplish something I would simply just start it and take one step at a time, allowing the process to organically develop until completed.  I don’t like deadlines.  Just the sheer mention of an expected deadline can make me so anxious that […]

Artful Planner – Reviewing the Year

As we enter into the last month of 2015 and before we start our Artful Planner for 2016 it is really important to take stock of all that we have experienced and accomplished by reviewing the year.   It is a time to acknowledge all that our life experiences have taught us and how we […]

Weekly Planner Spread

As I am starting to get into my groove with my Artful Planner creation, I am going that much further in to revealing my quirky side.  With this spread I have used some of the products by the Studio Girls @ Scrapbookgraphics but I am also starting to use my own as well. I apprehensively […]

Artful Planner – Digitally Created Planner Inserts

Yesterday I completed week 5 in my Artful Planner project, using digital scrapbooking products.  I have to say I am loving this project so much. I am learning so many new things and my creative wheels are spinning. I expect this project to blossom and evolve as the year progresses and I “plan” to allow […]

Quirky Planner Stickers Vol. #01

My Quirky Planner Stickers pack has been put together with a few of my favorites selected from my  massive collection of cherished, vintage photos.  I added some cute and sometimes sassy word art to help you express the mood or vibe of any given day, with a sense of humor.  Of course, these planner stickers […]

Artful Planner Club – Community

So what’s the story behind the Artful Planner Club and how did I come to embrace the joy of creative planning? About 3 years ago I bought myself  the Martha Stewart Planner in an attempt to better organize my life.  It did help me remember appointments and schedule my activities but I discovered that I […]

My Artful Planner Page Layouts

If you haven’t yet subscribed to our new Artful Planner Club on Facebook you may want to join us.  This is a brand new community and together we are going to learn how to create gorgeous creative and artful planners using digital scrapbooking, art journal and mixed media supplies.   In only just a couple of […]

Planners – Don’t Be too Overwhelmed to Start

Yesterday I created a Facebook group for our new Artful Planners Club, inviting anyone who is interested in creating an Art Journal Planner or creative planner using digital scrapbooking products.  In less than 12 hours there were 60 members most of who have never used, decorated or created a planner, but all excited to give […]