Is it Possible to Have Too Many Ideas?


Having worked in a creative industry for 13 years, it is not uncommon to hear someone complain that they have lost their mojo. This pretty much translates to feeling uninspired, therefore, incapable of being creative at the time.  However, it is important to realize that just because we may feel disconnected from the flow of inspiration, doesn’t mean that the inspiration is unavailable, it simply means that we have shut ourselves off from it, usually because we have become distracted by the busyness or complexities of our lives.

Today someone posted the question in our Studio Ch@t Group for Scrapbookgraphics, asking whether or not it is possible to have so much inspiration that it is near impossible to get anything done due to all of the distractions.  The truth is, inspiration is everywhere and abundant and when we open ourselves up to it, we can easily become overwhelmed by it all. In fact, some people become entirely paralyzed and are unable to create at all, and may even shut themselves off from the flow to the point that they are feeling totally uninspired.

Maintaining focus on one project at time can be a real challenge.  I actually have 3 or 4 projects on the go at any given time and I tend to bounce around between them depending on what I am drawn to at the time.  However, despite having multiple projects on the go, I still get plenty of new ideas every day.

One of the best things I ever could have done for my creative focus was to keep a creative planner.  Organizing tasks and projects while creating a beautiful looking weekly or daily planner spread  engages the use of  both right and left brain simultaneously which I feel has really helps me in accomplishing tasks, while at the same time maintaining a heightened state of creativity.  Even when I am simply using my planner to document my activities after I have worked on them, is helpful in tracking the ongoing progress of my creative projects.

I also keep idea journals.  I have many  for random ideas that do not necessarily fit into any specific categories, and I one for broadcasting and blogging ideas, so I can jot down ideas for blog posts and Periscope broadcast as I think of them.  Ideas have a way of floating in and right on out again so documenting them as soon as we receive them is always a good idea.  I also have random notebooks around the house so I don’t have to go far to look for a book.  I keep one on the bedside table as I often awake from dreams with ideas or thoughts I want to remember.  Once every few weeks I will go through the random idea books and move ideas that I wish to manifest into a planner that is organized for this purpose.

Last of all, at the end of every day I will sit down in my comfy chair and journal.  I find that if I take some time before bed to empty the contents of my head , helps me to let it all go trusting that it will all be there when I wake up.  I not only sleep better but will have many pages that I can source through later when I am looking for inspiration to begin something new.  This style of journaling is often referred to as a “brain dump” and when I am doing this I am not worrying at all about sentence structure, spelling, grammar or neatness.  It is all about the release and not so much about the content.    A sample of one of my brain dump journals might include thoughts, worries, concerns, plans, ideas, to do lists, telephone numbers, doodles, poems, scribbles, letters, drawings, gift ideas, shopping lists, etc.   If this is anything that I feel is important to remember in the morning I will flag the book page to refer to it later.   This gives me the freedom to get it all off my chest, out of my head and somewhere safe in case I need to refer to these notes later.

How do you keep your ideas?  Do you try to save them all in your head or do you have a great system that works for you?

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