My Husband Loves Me

My husband and I have been watching Twin Peaks together for the first time and enjoying it immensely.  When I heard this one line in the show I dared Mick to use that line in his every day life and then send me the proof that he did, as a token of his love for […]

Check In: Health Matters!

It has been a while since I have journaled about my life and I think it is time to check in and take stock of where I am at. Last September, I went to see a Naturopathic Doctor  for the first time in many years.  I have been back and forth to doctors for years […]

Want All The Things! aka FOMO.

Somewhere around October of every year I start moving my time and attention into the “shopping zone”, while I search out and buy gifts for everyone on my Christmas list.  When I am out and about, or surfing the online shops I love, I inevitably start noticing things that I myself would love to have, […]

#Explorascope 02 – My Top 3 Periscopers This Week

This week for my Periscope Travel Journal which I have entitled #Explorascope, I have three fabulous Periscope broadcasters to share with you.  I invite you to participate by checking out the fabulous people I am sharing with you here and if you would like to play along, I have included a downloadable package including a […]

Periscoping Around The World – Join Me!

I have a new passion!  A few weeks back I discovered a social media, live streaming, video app, called Periscope! With Periscope, a user is able to live stream themselves, their activities, or events they are attending, you name it! While they are live streaming viewers are able to watch the video while interacting with […]

Grade 8 Graduation

It is hard to believe but Kai is now a grade 8 graduate and on his way to high school in the fall.  While it seems like only yesterday that he was a chubby little toddler, we cannot deny that he has grown into a fine young man and a handsome one at that.   I […]

The iWatch and i

Mick gave me a birthday present early this year.   It was delivered a couple of weeks before he expected  and with a brief return window of only 14 days he figured it was best to gift me early.  In the past,  I’ve been known to return tech I didn’t think I would make good use […]

Creativity as Active Meditation – I Confess I Play With Dolls

Most of my weeknights are devoted to “me time” where I may write or create art, either on my computer or craft table, or curled up in a comfy chair in my studio.  I know that I am blessed to have this opportunity for self-reflection at this time in my life. Not many in the […]

Memory Upgrade Required – Why I am a Storyteller

  There are so many reasons why I scrapbook, journal and create art.  I love the process, it helps me to cope with stress and through my art I am able to inspire and help others as well.  My primary motivation is the deep desire to be able to express myself, take account of my […]

Community & Social Media – Have We Thrown the Baby Out with the Bathwater?

I have been thinking a great deal lately about the fading interest in forums and galleries and what this has meant to the digital scrapbooking community.   It is pretty clear that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have become the new habit for social interaction and that forums and galleries everywhere […]