Artful Planner Teacup Weekly Spread

Teacup Planner Spread

This week I was very inspired in creating my spread for  my Artful Planner.  Lor of  Studio Rosey Posey gave me early bird access to her fabulous new collection of unique and adorable weekly planner layouts and boy oh boy did I run with it!

I spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon playing with the stacked teacup weekly layout and used various products from Rosey Posey’s huge collection of fabulous digital designs, selecting elements from a wide variety of kits to play with.  She has so many brightly coloured, fun and artsy kits that are totally my cuppa tea (see what I did there?).

I took my time trying this and that and enjoying the process from start to finish.  I wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out because I kept layering elements and until I really had no room left on the page.  I’m sure all of you white space loving artists out there are cringing right about now, but I just can’t  help myself.  My style has always been very crazy and chaotic and I am cool with that.  In fact, I absolutely LOVE how the finished page looked in Photoshop and it looks even better printed and inserted in my planner!  In fact, it has to be the favorite in my Artful Planner so far!

There are other really cute doodled layouts in this package, including funky speech bubbles for each day, or adorable doodled frames.  I look forward to playing with some of the others in the future.  There are so many different ways in which they can be used, whether you love clean and simple design or wild and crazy like me!  I may even just print them out as is and colour them in with markers , pencil crayons or paint!!  Big thumbs up for this innovative design from Rosey Posey.  All you planner girls should really give this one  a try and if you are not yet a planner girl, why not?  We are having a great deal of fun making our creative planners in our Artful Planner Group on Facebook.  Come on and in and join in this friendly new community.

Rosey Posey Planner Doodles

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